Delicacies of the North in Nizhny Novgorod


Northern Delicacies
"STROGANINA" is a traditional Russian Siberian specialty, which includes extra thin slices of freshly frozen fish or meat.

• Stroganina of nelma

Thinly sliced fillet of freshly frozen nelma (white salmon) with sea salt and pepper. Includes our homemade sauces, such as: smoked soy sauce and cowberry-mustard sauce.
50 g 760 rur, 100 g 1190 rur

• Classic siberian stroganina of muksun
Thinly sliced fillet of freshly frozen muksun (white fish) served with different sauces: a smoked soy sauce, cowberry-mustard sauce and sea salt with pepper.
50 g 620 rur, 100 g 890 rur

• Stroganina of sea scallops
Freshly frozen sea scallops served with our homemade sauces, such as smoked soy sauce and cowberry-mustard sauce and sea salt with pepper.
100 g 1200 rur

• Rubanina of sturgeon
Freshly frozen sturgeon from the Lena River, served with spicy homemade sauce.
100 g 1890 rur

Rubanina of huso
Freshly frozen huso, served with spicy homemade sauce.
100 g 1890 rur

• "Aybarch"
Thinly sliced freshly frozen reindeer meat lightly marinated in fresh onion. Served with sliced raw horseradish and sea salt with pepper.
50/50 g 680 rur

• "Indigirka" salad from Yakutsk
Lightly salted nelma with fresh onion, served on a decorative ice «block» platter.
170/17 g 1060 rur
Polar Appetizers
• "Polar Pontoon"
Stroganina of muksun (white fish), nelma (white fish), nerka (red fish) and sea scallop; Rubanina of sturgeon from the Lena River and «Indigirka» served with lemon, herbs on a «block» of ice with two shots of cold vodka and our homemade sauce: smoked soy sauce, cowberry mustard sauce and sea salt with pepper.
50/50/50/50/50/50/45/45 g 3980 rur

Muksun (White Fish) with Boiled New Potatoes
Cold smoked Muksun 100/60/40 g 720 rur
A lightly salted Muksun 100/60/40 g 620 rur

Omul of Arctic Cisco with Boiled New Potatoes
Cold smoked Omul 100/60/40 g 590 rur
Omul salted in a barrel 100/60/40 g 560 rur

• Nelma (White Salmon) with Boiled New Potatoes
Cold smoked Nelma 100/60/40 g 1070 rur
A lightly salted Nelma 100/60/40 g 960 rur

• Nerka (Red Fish) with Boiled New Potatoes
Cold smoked Nerka 100/60/40 g 740 rur
A lightly salted Nerka 100/60/40 g 660 rur

• "Crab Boat"
Kamchatka crab meat served with tomatoes concassé and cowberry-cherry sauce.
75/50/50 g 1950 rur

• "Crimean Аppetizer"
Salted bacon served with green onion, garlic, baked potato and rye toast.
100/60/30 g 520 rur

• Hunter snack "Shponder"
Baked lard with garlic mousse, horseradish, herbs, onion and fresh garlic.
120/100/20 g 780 rur
Olyutorsky Herring
Dainty herring with spicy salt. Served with boiled new potatoes and pickled half lemon.
100/60/40 g 650 rur

• "Baikal port"
Lightly marinated omul (arctic cisco) with onion, garlic and sea salt with pepper.
250 g 890 rur

• Hunter's Reserve
Roof deer, dry-cut deer, dry-seasoned elk with tomato-spicy sauces, salsa sauce and homemade sauce adjika (tomatos, chilli and bell pepper).
90/90 g 1230 rur

• Sour Cabbage
Sour cabbage served with frozen cranberries and herbs.
200/20 g 230 rur

• Marinated Boletus
Marinated boletus with fragrant oil, onion rings and herbs.
100/20 g 480 rur

• Salted Milk Mushrooms
Salted milk mushrooms with oil dressing served with onion rings, herbs and sour cream.
100/50 g 490 rur

• Salted Saffron Milk Mushrooms
Salted saffron milk caps with oil dressing served with onion rings and sour cream.
100/50 g 490 rur

• Salted Vegetables Assortment
Salted tomatoes and cucumbers with sour cabbage, frozen cranberries and herbs.
600/30 g 760 rur

• Salted Tomatoes
200 g 290 rur

Freshly-salted Cucumbers
Freshly salted cucumbers served with Altay honey.
200/50 g 290 rur

• Soaked Cowberry (Lingonberries)
Soaked cowberries (Lingonberries) from the Taiga forest.
100 g 210 rur
Northern delicacies
"Batagai Starter"
Moose meat homemade aspic. Served with horseradish and mustard.
A serving for a selfish person 180/40 g 360 rur
A serving for a Bogatyr (Russian Hero) 600/100 g 1290 rur

• "Olukte"
This is an assortment of smoked venison, boiled reindeer tongues, deer's heart rolls. Wild duck rolls, reindeer liver pate with a crisp rye bread. Served with soaked cowberries (lingonberries).
30/50/50/50/30/70/30 g 1690 rur

• "Northern Boat"
This is an assortment of lightly salted muksun (white fish), nelma (white fish), nerka (red fish), omul (arctic fish) and trumpet snail. It is served with soaked half lemon and garnished with boiled young potatoes.
100/100/100/100/30/150/60 g 3240 rur

• "Plateau Iskeh"
Four types of caviar: sea urchin, omul, pike, nerka (red fish) with sour cream and onion.
30/30/30/30/50 g 2420 rur

Smoked Venison
Thinly sliced venison with soaked cowberries (lingonberries), pine nuts and herbs.
100/50 g 690 rur

• Boiled Reindeer Tongue
A boiled reindeer tongue that is served hot with horseradish.
100/30 g 1160 rur
A salad with roasted sea scallops, Crab meat, shrimps, omul (arctic cisco) caviar, vegetables and herbs.
255 g 1820 rur

• "Multicolored"
Vegetable salad with warm pumpkin seeds and cedar oil dressing.
210 g 690 rur

• "Dzhugdyr"
Lightly salted muksun (white fish), omul (arctic cisco) and nerka (red fish) with cucumbers, radishes, red onion and a dressing made from cloudberry (native North berries) and fragrant oil.
210 g 860 rur

• "Northern Lake Baikal"
Cold smoked omul (arctic cisco), boiled potatoes, omul caviar, cucumbers, salad leaves, red onion, soaked cowberries (lingonberries) and marinated apple with our homemade mayonnaise dressing.
340 g 980 rur

• "Anadyr"
A salad with boiled reindeer tongues, sundried tomatoes, celery and marinated horseradish root served with our homemade sour cream dressing and cold smoked reindeer, salad leaves and crisp bread.
180 g 1360 rur

• "Pinega"
Salad leaves with wild duck and tomatoes, served with raspberries, blueberries and raspberry-thyme dressing.
220 g 860 rur

• Salad with Crab Meat and Duck Fillet

Crab meat, duck fillet, omul caviar, fresh tomatoes and eggs with homemade mayonnaise dressing.
265 g 1760 rur

• Warm Salad with Hare Liver and Crispy Brisket
Served with girolles, pears, pine nuts, green beans and pepper with cherry tomatoes.
325 g 860 rur
Pelmeni are Siberian dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough. Served boiled or in a broth.
A truly Russian tradition!

East-Siberian Pelmeni
A classic East-Siberian meat pelmeni in a wild game broth with boiled bracken sprouts. Served with our homemade sour cream and herbs.
450/50 g 780 rur

• "Kamchatka"
Pelmeni with crab meat, muksun (white fish) and nelma (white fish) filling. Served with pike caviar sauce and herbs.
305/50 g 780 rur

• West-Siberian Pelmeni
A classic West—Siberian meat pelmeni served with sour cream.
220/50 g..........700 rur

• "Port-Arthur"
Far Eastern cuttlefish ink pelmeni with sea scallops, tiger shrimps and crab meat filling. Served with pike caviar sause and sundried tomatoes.
230/50 g..........980 rur

• "Baikal Pelmeni"
Pelmeni with muksun and nelma served with Capri sauce.
220/50 g..........760 rur

• "Taiga Skete"
Siberian vareniki with potatoes, milk mushrooms and cracklings filling.
220/50 g..........490 rur
Hot appetizers
• Grilled Reindeers Tongues
Served with Yakut flatbreads, a horseradish and a cowberry sauce.
100/100/30 g..........1360 rur

• Fried Bracken Sprouts
Far Eastern bracken sprouts are fried with cedar oil, garlic, salt and pepper.
100 g..........320 rur

• "Pirogies"
Pies with potatoes and milk mushrooms
2 pcs (140/50 g)..........260 rur

Pies with wild duck
2 pcs (180/50 g)..........340 rur

A pie with Kamchatka king crab
1 pcs (230/50 g)..........780 rur

A pie with muksun and nelma
1 pcs (150/50 g)..........380 rur

Mutton in the Urtam Way
From the Altai Mountains we have grilled minced mutton in a flatbread. Served with a cherry sauce and a cucumber-garlic sauce.
150/50/50 g..........720 rur

• "Distant outpost"
Fried potatoes and forest mushrooms with garlic and herbs. Served with a sour cream and salted cucumbers.
350/50/30 g..........920 rur

• Potato Pancakes Baikal Style
Hot potato pancakes with smoked omul (arctic cisco) from Baikal Lake, omul caviar, onions and a sour cream sauce.
175/40/50/50 g..........790 rur

• "Posikunchiki" from Perm
Small pan-fried pastried with mutton from Altai. Includes onion, garlic and herbs. Served with horseradish cream sauce.
9 pcs..........540 rur

• "Quiet Hunting"
Boletus baked with cheese and cream.
320 g..........920 rur

• Hare Liver Snack
Served with leek, cream and girolles inside puff pastry baskets.
160 g..........520 rur
• Fish Broth
This rich broth of muksun, nelma and nerka served with a piece of hot fish pie.
260/140 g..........460 rur

• "Ulukitkan"
This delicate cream soup includes moose meat, Taiga roots and juniper, served with sour cream, soaked cowberries and mini sandwiches with roasted reindeer hearts.
300/50/30 g..........820 rur

• Mushroom Soup
Soup with forest mushrooms, potatoes, pearl barley and our handmade sour cream.
350/50 g..........630 rur

• Ukha
Clear fish soup (omul, muksun and cod liver) served with a shot of cold horseradish infusion.
390/50/40 g..........690 rur

• "Shulyum"
This is a real hunter's soup with wild game or hare (of your choice), potatoes, tomatoes and celery served with roasted bread, onion and sea salt with pepper.
270/80 g..........680 rur

• "Taiga Talan"
This rich soup with wood grouse also has moose meat, venison, wild boar, vegetables and Taiga herbs. Served with our homemade sour cream.
400/50 g..........680 rur

• "Hunter's Shchi"
This soup is prepared with sour cabbage with moose meat, sundried tomatoes, forest mushrooms and celery. Served with sour cream and rye «kalitka» (Karelian pie) with potatoes.
300/80 g..........520 rur

• Poacher's Ukha
With muksun and sturgeon. Served with a glass of cold vodka.
400 g..........1300 rur
Hot Fish Courses
• Grilled muksun
Grilled muksun fillet (white fish) and warm salad with cherry tomatoes, radishes, celery, spinach, bracken sprouts and a white wine sauce, rose hips and pine nuts. Served with fresh cloudberries (North berries).
170/160/20 g..........1620 rur

• "Vitimsk puck"
Cutlet of Muksun and Nelma with roasted apples, soaked cowberries (lingonberries) and a garnish of hot mashed potatoes in a Savoy cabbage leaf with omul caviar. Served with pike caviar sauce.
160/180/60/50 g..........1230 rur

• "Kamchadal"
Roasted crab from Kamchatka and sea scallops with tomatoes concasse and warm salad with carrots, leek and spinach. Served with crab-sour cream sauce.
120/140/220 g..........3490 rur

• "Kamchatka" cutlet
Crab meat cutlet served with a celery root puree with cream and cowberry sauce.
150/180/30 g..........1760 rur

• Baked nelma
Nelma (white fish) baked in sour cream with potatoes, smoked omul (arctic cisco) and tomatoes concassé. Served in a cast iron with baked lemon!
140/200 g..........1720 rur

• "Uchug"
A kebab of grilled sturgeon from the Lena River, served
with baked tomatoes and sundried tomatoes, pike caviar sauce.
350 g..........2800 rur

• "Boussole strait"
Roasted cutlets of Far Eastsea scallops. Served with tomato souce and lemongrass.
140/180 g..........1890 rur
Hot Meat Courses
"Shonguy Sun"
A grilled cutlet of minced reindeer and wild boar served with fried buckwheat, raw egg yolk, soaked cowberries, herbs and two sauces: a red wine sauce and a cream sauce with mushrooms!
160/250/140 g..........1120 rur

• Grilled Moose
A grilled marinated moose meat served with stuffed potato rolls with cabbage,
white mushrooms, sour cream and Taiga tea sauce.
160/150/70 g..........1690 rur

• "Geologist's Ration"
This stewed game served with boiled buckwheat, freshly salted cucumbers, herbs and a shot of cold vodka.
300/250/60/40 g..........850 rur

• "Shagzhoy"
A kebab of grilled reindeer liver served with marinated onions, bell pepper and two sauces: a wild cherry BBQ sauce and a cowberry sauce.
350/200/60 g..........1200 rur

• Venison
Venison on an oak plank with white mushrooms in sour cream, cherry sauce and pickled berries.
180/120/50 g..........1690 rur

• Russian Navy Style Pasta
Hearty pasta with minced reindeer liver and moose meat served with tomatoes, herbs and tomato sauce.
560 g..........640 rur

• "Arkhangelsk Game"
A grilled marinated fillet of wild duck garnished with tomatoes concassé, celery, leek, bracken sprouts, garlic and served with soaked cowberries and a stewed Demi-Glace sauce.
190/180/10 g..........1890 rur

• Grilled Young Boar
Grilled wiled bore meat served with groats of millet with dry fruit sauce.
120/250/70 g..........1310 rur

• Steak from Grilled
Moose Moose with young savoy cabbage and sauce with mushrooms.
200/230/120 g..........2800 rur

• "Ilkun"
A grilled cutlet of moose meat served with young potatoes, green beans, salads leaves and raspberry-thyme sauce.
160/200/100 g..........960 rur

Roe Deer
Roe Deer, potatoes, tomatoes, salsa sauce, sour cream sauce, dried cranberries.
200/250/50/50 g..........1840 rur

• Yakin Birch Bark
Served with taiga salad of wild garlic, salted mushrooms and pickled onions. Completed with roasted potatoes with smoked venison. Served with Kvass sauce and Taiga berry sauce.
160/220/120 g..........2180 rur

• "Hotugu Taba"
Fillet venison roasted with mashed root vegetables, served with sauce from chilli and cream sauce
200/130/25 g..........1650 rur

Poppy-seed Pie
130/75 g
Homemade poppy-seed pie with blueberry jam and walnuts. Served with vanilla sauce and fresh raspberry.

530 rur
Raspberry Pie
100/110 g
Homemade pie with raspberry marmalade and vanilla cream.

530 rur
Siberian Berry Cake
270/40 g
Cherry, lingonberry with cinnamon, thinly sliced apple baked and honey on biscuit dough with almond shortbread crumbs.

720 rur
Bird-cherry Pie
110/60 g
with chocolate and pine nuts. Served with vanilla sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

690 rur
Cloudberry Flan
150/116 g
A cloudberry and white chocolate souffle with cloudberry marmalade served with pine nuts, fresh cloudberry and vanilla sauce.

820 rur
Pumpkin Cheesecake
250/140 g
with pine nuts praline and chocolate. Served with vanilla ice-cream and pumpkin jam.

580 rur
Northern Lights
315 g
Fruits and berries with vanilla mousse

620 rur
Pine Nut Pie
140/50 g
Homemade short crust pie with pine nuts and honey from the Altai Mountains. Served with sour cream.

620 rur
Cream Cheese Mousse
165/40 g
Cheese mousse with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries with Cointreau on chocolate.

730 rur
Andrey Lodygin
Executive Chef of the "Expedition. Northern Cuisine" restaurant
in Nizhny Novgorod
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