Вертолет 3

Restaurant «Expedition.Northern cuisine»

Welcome to the legendary restaurant!

Special offer! Come to our restaurant with a boarding pass and get a discount of 7%

The restaurant offers original dishes from northern delicacies: sirloin from muksun and nelma, game, pastries and branded tinctures.

"Expedition" - real restaurant
— Panoramic view of the Volga and the Oka, a huge hall for 128 seats, several areas and a mezzanine floor.
— Real helicopter cabin.
— Projectors and screens for live webcast.
— Big TVs for live webcast.
— Live russian bard music every evening.

We are offering to you:
— Northern delicacies.
— Sports broadcasts
— Gift food sets. 
— Souvenirs and goods from Siberia in our shop.

We are waiting for you at
Nizhny Novgorod, Rozhdestvenskaya str., 1 (Kozhevennaya str., 16b) .
Call on the phone: +7 831 282-09-11

Working time (opening time): every day, 12: 00 until the last guest.




The largest of all existing "Expedition" restaurants.


Panoramic view of the Volga
and the Oka